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Infobox image syntax

Is there an Japanese Wikipedia equivalent to English Wikipedia's en:WP:THUMBSIZE or en:WP:IBI page? On English Wikipedia it's pretty much common practice not to use the thumbnail syntax for infobox images because the most infobox templates and the Wikipedia software will automatically format the size of the infobox image based upon the device the reader is using. In addition, it also makes it easier for screen reader to "read" to infobox image's caption when the caption parameter is used because a thumbnail image typically requires an "alt_text" parameter be provided for thumbnail images whereas the infobox caption parameter doesn't and can be read by screen readers. Maybe the software and templates used for Japanese Wikipedia work differently, however, based upon this post here. Anyway, just curious for my own benefit. -- Marchjuly会話) 2019年11月19日 (火) 14:27 (UTC)

The relevant policy for the Japanese version of Wikipedia is as shown on this page. Thank you for your comment. -- 2021年4月8日 (木) 15:22 (UTC)
Reopening - this does not answer Marchjuly's question. ネイ会話) 2021年4月9日 (金) 11:21 (UTC)

secondary independent sources

Checkmark この節の議論は終了しており、過去ログ化してかまわないと思います。そうでないとお思いの方は、ご自由にこのテンプレートを消して発言をつづけてください。 2021年4月6日 (火) 23:27 (UTC)

@WhisperToMe: Hey I have been told to have secondary independent sources for my article "Water and Land Niigata Art Festival". Could you please help me find sources written in Japanese to improve notability? Thank you. en:Water and Land Niigata Art Festival MalloMallo会話) 2019年11月23日 (土) 10:00 (UTC)

@MalloMallo: I got good news for you! I found a scholarly English language source about the festival!
If you want access, ask en:Wikipedia:RX
Having said that, I think it's still good to find some scholarly Japanese sources too.
WhisperToMe会話) 2019年11月23日 (土) 16:33 (UTC)

ラトコ・ヤネフ , can someone please expand and improve the article on Ratko Janev

Checkmark この節の議論は終了しており、過去ログ化してかまわないと思います。そうでないとお思いの方は、ご自由にこのテンプレートを消して発言をつづけてください。 2021年4月8日 (木) 15:22 (UTC)

Dear editors, can someone please expand and improve an article on ラトコ・ヤネフ Ratko Janev (Ратко Јанев), most distinguished Macedonian Academician here on Japanese Wikipedia. Academician prof. dr. Ratko Janev was a distinguished member of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts. In the period 1972 – 1987 he was a principal research fellow at the Institute of Physics, Belgrade where he made significant scientific breakthroughs in multiple fields of atomic physics and left lasting scientific legacy. Born in 1939, in Sandanski in Bulgaria, he finished a gymnasium in Skoplje in Republic of Macedonia, and received his BSc in physics in Belgrade, where he also earned his PhD and continued his research career – in addition to the Institute of Physics, he also worked at Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences and at what was then the Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics. Academician Janev was a leader in numerous researches and greatly contributed to the development of domestic atomic physics, leaving behind more than 600 scientific works, as well as numerous books and monographs. He was a member of various foreign academies, he also taught at Princeton, Oak Ridge and Brussels, and throughout his career he managed one of research programmes of controlled thermonuclear fusion at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). In 2004 he received the Research Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for the project "Modelling and Diagnostics of Fusion Edge/divertor plasma" on the understanding of cold boundary layer plasmas in nuclear fusion reactors, performed in collaboration with the Juelich Research Centre in Germany. 2020年2月3日 (月) 16:39 (UTC)

I pasted the required template. Thank you for your comment. -- 2021年4月8日 (木) 15:22 (UTC)


Checkmark この節の議論は終了しており、過去ログ化してかまわないと思います。そうでないとお思いの方は、ご自由にこのテンプレートを消して発言をつづけてください。 2021年4月8日 (木) 15:22 (UTC)
What exactly is changing.png

日本語版のウィキぺディアの利用者の皆様、ウィキメディア財団(Wikimedia Foundation) が自分の名前を変更する予定があると知っていましたか?未来の名前はまだ未定ですけど、財団が「ウィキぺディア」(Wikipedia)を使って名前を変更する強い傾向があります。財団の未来名前は「ウィキぺディア財団」(Wikipedia Foundation)など可能性が高い。グロバルコミュニディがメタウィキでRfCを開いました: m:Requests for comment/Should the Foundation call itself Wikipedia。今まで人々のほとんど(>90%)がその計画について反対する。もしよろければ自分の考え、意見そこに書いておいてください。僕は僕の日本語能力に自信が何とかありません。だからもしこの文章は日本語がひどすぎて読めないなら英語の文書も書いておいてしました。--Tufor会話) 2020年2月22日 (土) 23:41 (UTC)

Dear Japanese Wikipedia Community! Did you know that Wikimedia Foundation has a plan of changing its' name? Foundation's future name is still undecided, but they really want to have "Wikipedia" in it. So there is huge possibility that the Foundation will change its' name to "Wikipedia Foundation" or something similar. Global community started this RfC on metawiki: m:Requests for comment/Should the Foundation call itself Wikipedia. As of now, more than 90% of people out of nearly 400 who commented there are against this plan. If you want to leave your comments there, please feel free to do so (even in Japanese, if you want I might try to translate it to the best of my abilities). Sorry for my bad Japanese, I hope the text above isn't completely incomprehensible ;-) Please share with your community. Cheers, Tufor会話) 2020年2月22日 (土) 23:41 (UTC)

Thank you for the information. -- 2021年4月8日 (木) 15:22 (UTC)

Korean version of airline accident report from Japanese government agency?

I notice page 44 (PDF p. 25) of this page on the MLIT website states "Distribution of Korean version of HL7762 HIJ accident investigation report to flight crew"

Where is this Korean version of the report located, and how do I obtain it? I only see English and Japanese listed on the English MLIT accident report list page.

It would be good for the Korean Wikipedia article ko:아시아나항공 162편 착륙 사고 WhisperToMe会話) 2020年6月9日 (火) 20:16 (UTC)

Regarding your question, I also searched for it, but unfortunately I could not find the Korean version. Korean version may not be published on the internet. Thank you for your comment. -- 2021年4月8日 (木) 15:22 (UTC)
The question is not resolved; although @WhisperToMe: you might be better off asking this on Korean Wikipedia. This probably requires a search using Korean keywords, not in Japanese. ネイ会話) 2021年4月9日 (金) 11:21 (UTC)

Need translation help

こんにちは, I will be very thankful if someone help me in translating an English wikipedia article which is on Basen Murmu, a Santali community singer who recently died. He was a very young favourite singer of Santali Community. We need translation help for en:Basen Murmu, Thanks. Rocky 734会話) 2020年6月14日 (日) 08:46 (UTC)

The information in the article has been updated. Thank you for your comment. -- 2021年4月8日 (木) 15:22 (UTC)
Where is the Japanese article? Removing section resolved. ネイ会話) 2021年4月9日 (金) 11:21 (UTC)


Checkmark この節の議論は終了しており、過去ログ化してかまわないと思います。そうでないとお思いの方は、ご自由にこのテンプレートを消して発言をつづけてください。 2021年4月6日 (火) 23:27 (UTC)

You all should be aware that Jim Watkins still owns 5channel. (2ちゃんねる)

I discovered this while working on the article over at enwiki. So, your infobox is incorrect.

Here are sources:

On 1 October 2017, began redirecting to, a domain owned by Loki Technology, Inc.[1] The chairman of Loki Technology Inc. is also Jim Watkins;[2] his wife, Liziel, is the treasurer and majority shareholder.[3] Ron Watkins, his son, in 2016 registered the trademark "5channel" in Japan.[4] According to a press release, the name was changed to 5channel to avoid potential legal issues due to Nishimura's ownership of the "2channel" trademark.[5]


  1. ^ Ishizuka, Fumito (2017年10月2日). “「5ちゃんねる」に名称変更 ネット掲示板、権利紛争か” [Following a dispute over rights to bulletin board, name changes to "5channel"] (日本語). Nihon Keizai Shimbun. 2020年5月21日閲覧。
  2. ^ Office of the Solicitor General vs. James Arthur Watkins, in re: Petition for Naturalization, R-PSG-18-03091-SP, Petition by James Arthur Watkins (Pasig City Regional Trial Court Branch 166) (“[James Arthur Watkins] married Liziel O. Watkins ("Liziel"), of legal age and a Filipina, on 20 November 2001. [...] He is currently the Chairman of Race Queen Inc., Emerald Pedistal Properties Inc., and Loki Technology Incorporated.”). Text—via The Manila Times.
  3. ^ Harwell, Drew (2019年9月12日). “From helicopter repairman to leader of the Internet’s ‘darkest reaches’: The life and times of 8chan owner Jim Watkins” (英語). Washington Post. 2020年5月21日閲覧。
  4. ^ Kurihara, Kiyoshi (2017年10月10日). “2ちゃんねる名称変更事件に関する知財関係状況整理(栗原潔)” [Sorting out the intellectual property situation which has led to the 2channel name change incident] (日本語). Yahoo! News Japan. 2020年5月21日閲覧。
  5. ^ 5ちゃんねる掲示板へようこそ” (2017年10月6日). 2017年10月6日閲覧。 “権利関係に関する無用な紛争を生じさせず「・・・」掲示板の名称を新たに「5ちゃんねる」へと変更しました。[The name of the textboard has been changed to 5channel to help avoid future unnecessary disputes regarding our rights to operate it.]”

I think it should be added to the article here. ( `•人•́ ) Psiĥedelisto会話) 2020年6月25日 (木) 03:05 (UTC)

Global spammer

Checkmark この節の議論は終了しており、過去ログ化してかまわないと思います。そうでないとお思いの方は、ご自由にこのテンプレートを消して発言をつづけてください。 2021年4月6日 (火) 23:27 (UTC)

I am an administrator and checkuser of Wikipedia Lusophone (Portuguese language) and I noticed the existence of a group of accounts that create promotional articles about companies, applications, biographies, etc. These pages have references and are well structured; however, most sources are promotional (paid content) or primary.

Well, many are being eliminated in English, Portuguese and Spanish; their versions were identical (the same sources). Therefore, I request that you review the following pages or at least help me in bringing the case to the attention of the community; some pages were created more than five years ago.

利用者:Keke1970会話 / 投稿記録: レジストラー・コープ, PMインターナショナル, SnatchBot, ATFX and チェーザレ・カターニア.

As I am not aware of the language and policies of the Japanese wiki, I request that editors analyze the pages and take appropriate action. In Wikipedia in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese the pages maintain (or did) the same structure with identical sources; suboptimal writing. Mostly, created by new accounts for a short period of time, with few edits and using sketches (sandbox) to later move to the main domain. Conde Edmond Dantès会話) 2020年7月12日 (日) 02:36 (UTC)

Looking for participants for a WMF study

Checkmark この節の議論は終了しており、過去ログ化してかまわないと思います。そうでないとお思いの方は、ご自由にこのテンプレートを消して発言をつづけてください。 2021年4月8日 (木) 15:22 (UTC)

The Wikimedia Foundation is conducting a study on how patrollers address edits made from IP addresses. As part of this study, we would like to interview any users who frequently review new edits, in order to learn more about what challenges they face and what kinds of information they need in order to work. These interviews will be conducted with an interpreter, so English language ability is not a requirement. If you are interested, please contact Thank you for your time and assistance!

ウィキメディア財団は、パトローラーがIPアドレスから行われた編集にどのように対処するかに関する調査を行っています。この調査の一環として、彼らが直面する課題や作業に必要な情報の種類について詳しく知るため、新しい編集を頻繁にレビューするすべてのユーザーにインタビューを行いたいと考えています。このインタビューは通訳が付いて行われますので、英語力は必須ではありません。興味のある方は、clo @ wikimedia.orgまでご連絡ください。ご協力のほどよろしくお願いいたします!CLo (WMF)会話) 2020年8月12日 (水) 20:25 (UTC)

Thank you for the information. -- 2021年4月8日 (木) 15:22 (UTC)

Article name in English?

Checkmark この節の議論は終了しており、過去ログ化してかまわないと思います。そうでないとお思いの方は、ご自由にこのテンプレートを消して発言をつづけてください。 2021年4月6日 (火) 23:27 (UTC)

Does Japanese Wikipedia not have policy to have article name in Japanese alphabet? Why does article name of iOS (アップル) or even AKB48 (which is native from Japan) not be in Japanese alphabet? --Ans会話) 2020年10月16日 (金) 03:39 (UTC)

It is determined as "For proper nouns, there is no need to replace letters." at WP:NC#ALPHABET. --Strangesnow会話) 2020年10月16日 (金) 04:16 (UTC)
  1. But, is there no official Japanese alphabet writing for AKB48?
  2. By this rule, for the proper noun that is in non-English and non-Japanese alphabets, then its article name will be in that foreign alphabet?
--Ans会話) 2020年10月16日 (金) 08:28 (UTC)
  1. "AKB48" is the official name. It's never spelled like "エーケービーフォーティエイト" except Furigana.
  2. Yes, if it is in available characters (Wikipedia:記事名の付け方#記事名に使用できる文字) and a common notation for Japanese speakers.
In some category, the rules are defined by each WikiProject.--Strangesnow会話) 2020年10月16日 (金) 15:05 (UTC)
  1. But the AKB48 article say that, "エーケービー フォーティーエイト" is a registered trademark. The registered trademark is not an additional official name?
  2. From my understanding (by using google translate), the allowed characters are JIS X 0201 Latin letters, JIS X 0212, JIS X 0213, and IBM extended characters (which some exclusions), which comprise mostly of Latin and Japanese letters, and no other foreign language letters like Thai. Is this correct?
  3. But this is Japanese wikipedia, which is not English wikipedia, but many article titles (for example, HyperText Markup Language, Hypertext Transfer Protocol) are titles in English language which is not Japanese language. Why are so many of English language titles allowed in Japanese wikipedia which is intended to be in Japanese language, not other language like English, as this site is not English wikipedia? Or the English letters or some English terms are considered to be parts of Japanese language?
--Ans会話) 2020年10月19日 (月) 11:49 (UTC)
  1. I think "AKB48" letters are registed as trademark (FYI) and "エーケービーフォーティエイト" is registed as Furigana (How to read).
  2. Yes it is. for example latinum and greek alphabet are avaliable. However, whether the article name is chosen as the official name or a name well known to Japanese speakers depends on each article. For this we often discuss in the note.
  3. For some English charactors are being used like parts of Japanese language. The important thing is that written name well known to Japanese speakers. Is case of "AKB48", When written as a character, it should be expressed as "AKB48" and spoken as "エーケービーフォーティエイト".
As a result, there are many articles with English titles on the Japanese Wikipedia.--Strangesnow会話) 2020年10月19日 (月) 12:33 (UTC)
For some English charactors are being used like parts of Japanese language <-- Why you said some English characters? Not all Engliish characters? --Ans会話) 2020年10月19日 (月) 15:03 (UTC)
I mean words.--Strangesnow会話) 2020年10月19日 (月) 22:36 (UTC)

English in Picture Description

Checkmark この節の議論は終了しており、過去ログ化してかまわないと思います。そうでないとお思いの方は、ご自由にこのテンプレートを消して発言をつづけてください。 2021年4月6日 (火) 23:27 (UTC)

I just made a change to the article "BC Transit", I added to the caption of the picture the company name of the bus, however the company did not have a Japanese name, so I had to add the name in English, I just wanted to make sure that this was fine? I've seen English Captions in other Japanese Wikipedia articles before. diff here --Thegooduser会話) 2020年10月19日 (月) 01:51 (UTC)

Update: I replaced BC Transit, with Japanese, but not the bus company name, is this okay? --Thegooduser会話) 2020年10月19日 (月) 01:53 (UTC)
Hi Thegooduser, thank you for contributing Japanese Wikipedia.🙂 I think your edit is no problem. I found some Japanese travel guides[1][2][3] write the name as "BCトランジット" and also as it's common word we can easily understand the meaning of the words.--TAKAHASHI Shuuji会話) 2020年10月28日 (水) 23:56 (UTC)
  1. ^ as i
  2. ^ s co
  3. ^ on w


I added a template so your links will go with your post. 脚注が文章の下に来るようにしました。--Omotecho会話) 2020年11月16日 (月) 16:48 (UTC)

HTML Japanese spelling

Checkmark この節の議論は終了しており、過去ログ化してかまわないと思います。そうでないとお思いの方は、ご自由にこのテンプレートを消して発言をつづけてください。 2021年4月6日 (火) 23:27 (UTC)
  1. In Wikipedia is エイチティーエムエル
  2. In Wiktionary is エッチティーエムエル

Why are they different? Which one is correct? --Ans会話) 2020年10月19日 (月) 21:31 (UTC)

コメント Both are correct. Vowels and consonants are different between Japanese and English, so the "sound based transcription" is used to write English in Japanese. Traditionally, in many Japanese dictionaries, describe the H in the letter "エッチ" entry, and some dictionaries guide "エイチ" to "エッチ". However The "エイチ" is more like the true pronunciation and it is often pronounced/written "エイチ" in recent years. (FYI)--Strangesnow会話) 2020年10月21日 (水) 09:00 (UTC)

Reference question regarding VHS videocassettes

Checkmark この節の議論は終了しており、過去ログ化してかまわないと思います。そうでないとお思いの方は、ご自由にこのテンプレートを消して発言をつづけてください。 2021年4月6日 (火) 23:27 (UTC)

On the English Wikipedia, we are having a discussion about deleting an article about a film titled en:The Young Teacher, at en:Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/The Young Teacher. It has been claimed that this South Korean film was the first movie ever released on VHS videocassette. However, we don't have any reliable sources that say that. Since the VHS format was invented and first introduced in Japan, I would think that the sources to prove what was the first film released on VHS would be most easily available in Japanese. Does anyone here know whether The Young Teacher was the first film released on VHS, or if not, what was the first film released on VHS? And if you can help find a good source to prove it, I would appreciate it. Thank you! --Metropolitan90会話) 2020年10月20日 (火) 00:51 (UTC)

Hello, I took some research but could not find the exact first film. However, I found a few source describing events around when the VHS was sold at first. 東映ビデオ#cite ref-東映の軌跡250 35-3 describes the fact that several companies had been preparing before the first VHS device being sold and released VHS videos right after VHS device was sold. Another research paper [Source 1] writes that at least 1977 VHS of this film was sold publicly though the price was high.--TAKAHASHI Shuuji会話) 2020年10月28日 (水) 23:43 (UTC)

Enquiry photos for ARTIZON MUSEUM Interior

The article アーティゾン美術館don't have any photos inside the gallery. Hope someone can upload the photos of the museum. The picture angle and reference can see here--Wpcpey会話) 2020年10月24日 (土) 11:19 (UTC)

The article has been updated. Thank you for your comment. -- 2021年4月8日 (木) 15:22 (UTC)
No, the article is not updated. Please do not put {{Section resolved}} unless the query is really resolved. ネイ会話) 2021年4月9日 (金) 11:21 (UTC)

Duplicate article

Checkmark この節の議論は終了しており、過去ログ化してかまわないと思います。そうでないとお思いの方は、ご自由にこのテンプレートを消して発言をつづけてください。 2021年4月6日 (火) 23:27 (UTC)

Dear Japanese editors, when searching for a word in Japanese, I realized that the page 共和国 briefly dealt with two topics already covered which are the Republic as a political regime (共和制) and republicanism as an ideology (共和主義). Not speaking Japanese and having only the translation, I don't see any big differences and I think it must probably be a duplicate. This deduction is also supported by the absence of links to other languages, yet existing on the other two pages. Thank you in advance to check if this is really the case. Wishing you all good luck. --Baidax会話) 2020年10月28日 (水) 13:33 (UTC)

This is now merged to 共和制.--ネイ会話) 2021年1月25日 (月) 13:18 (UTC)

Is it possible to translate this sentence to Japanese?

Checkmark この節の議論は終了しており、過去ログ化してかまわないと思います。そうでないとお思いの方は、ご自由にこのテンプレートを消して発言をつづけてください。 2021年4月6日 (火) 23:27 (UTC)

Hello, I'm changing the wording of the error for weak encryption connections to Wikipedia (people using really old browsers). The patch for that is here. Is it possible to translate this sentence to Japanese? "Wikimedia projects including Wikipedia are getting more secure. You are using an old web browser that will not be able to connect to Wikimedia projects in the future. Please update your device or contact your IT administrator.". It would be great. Thank you! Ladsgroup会話) 2020年11月12日 (木) 18:11 (UTC)

@Ladsgroup:, I have posted on your Meta user page regarding the translation. FYI, people drop Wikimedia-related translation requests on ja:Village pump directly in non-ja languages, where more people watchlist the page, so that maybe you’d be responded faster. Cheers, --Omotecho会話) 2020年11月16日 (月) 17:00 (UTC)

A/B test for the Reply tool

Hello. あなたの言語への翻訳をお助けください.

You can turn on the Reply tool at Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-betafeatures.

The mw:Editing team would like to run an w:en:A/B test. In the test, they will turn on the Reply tool for half of Japanese Wikipedia editors. They will not change preferences for the other editors. (You will still be able to turn it on or off yourself in Special:Preferences.)

The test will run for several weeks. The results will be posted at mw:Talk pages project/replying#Metrics afterwards. The test results will help Wikipedia editors and the Editing team decide whether the tool should be turned on for everyone.

The difficult part: I'm not quite certain when they will be ready to start the test. It might start around 14 December, or it might start January. (It will not start in late December.) I apologize for the uncertainty. I will let you know the date when I have more information.

The Japanese Wikipedia is one of the largest Wikipedias, and I want this Wikipedia to participate, so everyone will know how the tool works here (and not just for Wikipedias in general). Japanese is a unique language with important linguistic features, and feedback from Japanese editors has already helped improve the Reply tool (example). It is also important for us to include Asian languages. However, it is not mandatory. If you do not want to participate in this test, please tell me as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding. Whatamidoing (WMF)会話) 2020年12月7日 (月) 06:07 (UTC)

Announced at Wikipedia:井戸端/subj/返信ツールのA/Bテスト.--ネイ会話) 2020年12月7日 (月) 08:39 (UTC)
@Whatamidoing (WMF): The time is getting close. Do we know whether the test will start around 14 December?--ネイ会話) 2020年12月12日 (土) 17:29 (UTC)
ネイ, I do not have the final date. However, it is very unlikely to be tomorrow.--Whatamidoing (WMF)会話) 2020年12月15日 (火) 01:17 (UTC)
Update:  The test will start in January 2021 instead.  Thank you for your understanding, --Whatamidoing (WMF)会話) 2020年12月18日 (金) 17:50 (UTC)


Checkmark この節の議論は終了しており、過去ログ化してかまわないと思います。そうでないとお思いの方は、ご自由にこのテンプレートを消して発言をつづけてください。 2021年4月6日 (火) 23:27 (UTC)

今日は皆様、失礼します。 今のところは吉岡彌生の記事を読んでドイツ版を準備します。記事に書いた文章「日本で27人目の女医となる」を見つけた。しかし「明治女医の基礎資料」(ページ283)に関する吉岡彌生様は22人目だそう。内務省医術開業試験と登録時代は違いますか。チェックを頂きますか。ありがたいです。 --Elmo rainy day会話) 2020年12月14日 (月) 14:29 (UTC)

  • コメント 「27人目」とする場合には、明治25年医術開業試験後期試験の合格を起点としているようです(参考)。「明治女医の基礎資料」では22番目にリストされていますが、これは登録日順のようです。明治26年に大須賀村分院で開業( 医籍登録(6898号)) とあります。--Strangesnow会話) 2020年12月15日 (火) 05:53 (UTC)
    • そですが。違う番号と数え方です。そうしたら「日本で27人目の女医となる」は正しいです。それで吉岡彌生様は明治女医の中に22人目として6898号で医籍に登録されました。ありがとうございます。--Elmo rainy day会話) 2020年12月15日 (火) 12:11 (UTC)


Checkmark この節の議論は終了しており、過去ログ化してかまわないと思います。そうでないとお思いの方は、ご自由にこのテンプレートを消して発言をつづけてください。 2021年4月6日 (火) 23:27 (UTC)

すみません、もう一度失礼します。女子美術大学の記事に大学の名前は Joshibi University of Art and Designで英訳しました。私は普通に女子--美術--大学を読んでいますので、Women's University of Art (and Design)だと思いました。なぜJoshibiですか。用語やミスタイプですか。解明ありがとうございます。--Elmo rainy day会話) 2020年12月17日 (木) 00:45 (UTC)

女子美術大学が "©Joshibi University of Art and Design" 等を公式に用いています。従って、この大学を英語表記する場合にはJoshibi University of Art and Designとなります。--Animataru会話) 2020年12月17日 (木) 13:37 (UTC)

Spk-digital is offline

The portal Spk-digital is offline. The Template:Spk-digital is only used by 7 articles and can be deleted. I've removed the dead links but a user undid my edits [1] and changed the link from to[2] This is a different website that produces different results. On Template‐ノート:Spk-digital I've got no answer. Can someone please make a request for speedy deletion? Thanks --Kolja21会話) 2021年2月7日 (日) 14:08 (UTC)

The relevant policy for the Japanese version of Wikipedia is as shown on this page. Thank you for your comment. -- 2021年4月8日 (木) 15:22 (UTC)
Reopening as the answer above does not address the question. ネイ会話) 2021年4月9日 (金) 11:21 (UTC)

about Hashimoto Yuta

Checkmark この節の議論は終了しており、過去ログ化してかまわないと思います。そうでないとお思いの方は、ご自由にこのテンプレートを消して発言をつづけてください。 2021年4月6日 (火) 23:27 (UTC)

I noticed that there is a singer Hashimoto Yuta (橋本裕太), from Sony Music Entertainment Japan, is taking part in a program Youth with You in China. I wonder whether there is another Hashimoto Yuta sharing similar experiences.--Johnson.Xia会話) 2021年2月7日 (日) 17:26 (UTC)

  • コメント From Profile from Sonymusic, There are "from Sendai," "appeared in Abema TV drama," and "based in Shanghai from 2019-sep" so it must be the same person.--Strangesnow会話) 2021年2月10日 (水) 02:17 (UTC)

Restoring InternetArchiveBot

I am working with the Internet Archive as a contractor on managing User:InternetArchiveBot's deployments across the different Wikimedia projects and language editions. InternetArchiveBot fixes dead links on Wikipedia articles and adds links for offline resources, namely books.

My understanding is that InternetArchiveBot is currently blocked here for a few reasons, including (1) high rate of live links being mistakenly treated as dead (2) editing above the rate limit and (3) users invoking the bot directly causing the bot to go above the rate limit. I am working on fixing all of these problems so that the bot can resume operation on Japanese Wikipedia. We are deploying a link checking server in Tokyo that will be able to check the alive/dead status of websites not accessible outside of Japan. We have also made improvement that will better ensure compliance with rate limits.

Your help is requested. So that I can test the performance of the new Tokyo link checker, I would like a list of URLs, working and not-working, for websites based in Japan. I am especially interested in ones that you know do not work outside of Japan. This will help us assess the bot's performance.

Thank you very much for your assistance. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Harej会話) 2021年2月17日 (水) 01:52 (UTC)


Checkmark この節の議論は終了しており、過去ログ化してかまわないと思います。そうでないとお思いの方は、ご自由にこのテンプレートを消して発言をつづけてください。 2021年4月6日 (火) 23:27 (UTC)

Where is help desk for japanese speakers? Dineshswamiin会話) 2021年3月17日 (水) 07:38 (UTC)

Tell about language structure. What is subject-verb-object arrangement? Thanks! Dineshswamiin会話) 2021年3月17日 (水) 07:43 (UTC) is a good resource to learn Japanese grammar. --Thibaut会話) 2021年4月1日 (木) 19:13 (UTC)

Someone abusing dynamic IPs and open proxies/VPNs


I'd like to let you know that someone is abusing Softbank's dynamic IPs and open proxies/VPNs to make bad/questionable edits or give the impression that there are several different people in a discussion ([3][4]) or in an edit war ([5]).

I first stumble upon this person on frwiki where he added the equivalent of {{更新}} on different linguistic versions of a Wikipedia article without explaining why ([6][7][8]), I found out that he was particularly active on jawiki where he added {{出典の明記}} and {{更新}} on every article he stumbled into, I didn't go any further, leaving it to the jawiki community.

One month later I find the same person on Commons, with a Softbank IP, making bogus speedy requests (see list), I go take a look at his contributions on jawiki, and here I see the same pattern, adding {{出典の明記}} and {{更新}} everywhere (including well-sourced articles), but also some bad/questionable edits:

  • Moves by copy-pasting (コピペ移動): [9][10][11][12] (the last two seems to be linked to [13])
  • Changing the target of redirects to the wrong page: [14]
  • Blanking templates and redirecting them to another template that work differently (and break articles): [15][16]
  • Removing furigana/yomigana: [17][18][19]
  • Replacing Japanese quotes for artworks by italics: [20]
  • Removing quotes from a citation: [21]
  • Blanking articles of youtubers he doesn't like (and then goes on Commons asking deletion of the pictures with a fake reason): [22][23][24][25]
  • Puts the wrong English translation or removes it completely: [26][27]
  • Adds ruby on English translations: [28]
  • Removes jawiki article from Wikidata and empty the item: [29][30][31]
  • Pure vandalism: [32][33] (same IP range: 2a0c:3ac0::/48)
  • etc.

Those are the examples I could gather, I made a list of his IPs here if you want to take a look.

I don't know if he's a known LTA or a new one, but something needs to be done.

Kind regards, --Thibaut会話) 2021年4月1日 (木) 19:10 (UTC)

I blocked the open proxies or VPNs locally, if they are not globally blocked already.--ネイ会話) 2021年4月2日 (金) 06:53 (UTC)

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